You’ve just finished a hard day of work and made it through rush hour traffic. All you want to do when you get home is kick back and relax.


However, as soon as you step through the door, all you see are piles of clutter. 


Suddenly, your stress levels go from a ten to an eleven.


How can clutter go hand in hand with stress? We break down a few possible reasons why this is the case and how junk removal in Calgary can benefit you.


Examining Why Clutter Causes Stress


Yet Another Task


It’s tough to turn on the tv and relax when that pile of magazines you were meaning to sort through and recycle is sitting right there. Seeing objects around your space that you no longer need but you still need to deal with is frustrating. It seems like the to-do list is never finished, so you feel guilty when you choose to take a moment to yourself rather than check another task off the list.


The visualization of the clutter just adds to the stress. It’s easier to put off a phone call to your dentist because the phone call is not tangible. Meanwhile, you’re forced to stare at the projects you need to tackle when clutter physically takes up your space.


Slows You Down


When you’re in a rush, there’s nothing worse than not being able to find your keys or shoes. Digging through mounds of clutter certainly doesn’t help the situation but does add minutes to your already-delayed schedule.


Creates Embarrassment


No one’s house is perfectly organized all of the time. However, having clutter can provide opportunities for guilt.


If you have an unexpected visitor or work video call, it can be embarrassing to have piles of junk popping up throughout your home or in the background of your call. You fear that your peers or colleagues will judge you by the state of your home.

Pile of junk in a house, hoarder room pile of household equipment needs clearing out

Lack of Organization


Organization often creates a sense of control and calm. Having your space in order allows for your mind to focus on more meaningful projects or ideas. 


Being organized is also often seen as a reflection of yourself. People will perceive you as a more put-together individual.


Therefore, clutter creates the inverse illusion of who you are as a person and will occupy more of your thoughts.


It can seem daunting to start tackling your clutter, but there are professionals who can help. Don’t be afraid to inquire about junk removal in Calgary during your decluttering process.


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