5 Complications for Winter Garbage Removal

We love winter in Calgary! Or, at least, our citizenry appears to be gluttons for punishment as every year we stay here and enjoy the icy roads, whiteout storms and glorious chinooks. Plus, our lives (and responsibilities) must continue on through this snowy season, including dropping off the kids, picking up groceries and garbage removal in Calgary.

But, junk removal can be a real challenge, especially during the months with the heaviest snowfall. Below we look at common challenges that occur, and afterwards, we examine how to best circumvent them.

Winter Junk Removal Problems


Icy Walkways

Most of the time, getting the garbage into the disposal vehicle is a simple process. However, when winter rears its head, slippery conditions underfoot can cause significant issues and potential slipping hazards. 

Cold Conditions

Although it is always important to wear gloves when handling garbage and other refuse, cold conditions make them a necessity along with toques, long underwear and extra layers. This slows down the removal process and often forces extra hot chocolate breaks.

Slippery Roads

Unfortunately, the problems don’t stop once everything is loaded in the truck. Of course, our snowplow drivers and city roads department require their own celebration, but black ice and temperature changes may still make the transport part of the Calgary garbage removal process a real hassle.

Buried Materials

There is a reason spring cleaning has become so commonplace in our culture, and that reason is how quickly everything gets buried under a cool white blanket. Digging around through snow is taxing and requires a whole lot of additional labour to make it even a probable task. 

Christmas Consumerism

Indeed, the above problems all stem from the same issue, which is that the snow and cold create havoc in our natural environment. However, this is also the time of the year where we generate the most junk with wrapping paper, new devices and dohickeys, and toys for children. As a result, it is also a popular time of year to try and get rid of these extra supplies and forgotten treasures.

Solving Your Junk Removal Problems

So, how exactly do you circumvent these trials, tribulations and trying situations? Well, the easiest way we know of is to hire the expert and professional services of The Junk Movement. We have the staff, vehicles and dedication necessary to make your winter garbage removal needs a breeze. Contact us for more information today!

The Junk Movement is committed to making junk removal in Calgary easy. Our mission is to optimize junk removal by putting the money we collected from recycling back into the community. Whether it’s for furniture or garbage removal in Calgary, our company is eco-conscious, sustainable, transparent and believes in good value. Our team is friendly and will be happy to assist you with all your junk and waste removal in Calgary. From residents to commercial clients, for a company that cares about your waste, trust The Junk Movement.

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