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How to Get Rid of Old Appliances

Appliances. We all love them. They cook our food, keep our drinks warm or cold and clean our clothing. In many ways, our appliances are the reason behind several revolutions in home maintenance and upkeep. Truly, the benefits they give us, like more time and less hard work, are worth their weight in upkeep and electricity.

However, like all consumer goods, there is eventually a time where they break or wear and are in need of replacement. In some instances, they may break from overuse or even inactivity, but in others, it is simply time for them to go in place of something newer and better. When this happens, we begin to see the darker side of appliance ownership; appliance removal in Calgary.

Simplify Appliance Removal in Calgary

Anyone familiar with the procedure already knows the hassle of appliance removal in Calgary. The process is a hassle from the outset and is complicated by the heavy weight of appliances, their awkward dimensions, the difficulty of navigating safely through door thresholds and stairs, and the challenge of loading the appliances onto a vehicle. Therefore, simpler solutions should be part of your considerations. 

Fridges stacked in a row for recycle used refrigeration units pollution gas

Naturally, the best option for your appliance removal in Calgary is by working with The Junk Movement. We offer a host of benefits to make the process easy and simple. Examples of these include that we do not charge a fee for Freon removal, we use a variety of tools to move the appliances (dolly, shoulder dolly, loading ramp), and our staff is trained to safely move all of your appliances. Indeed, we remove all appliances from air conditioning units to microwaves and stoves to freezers.

Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make the process simple and enjoyable for you. We take safety seriously and have all the necessary equipment to move and lift any appliances. However, we can also appreciate that some people may prefer to attempt the removal themselves.

Choosing that option can be relatively simple, but you will need a transportation vehicle and a couple of pairs of hands to get underway Moving large appliances up or down some stairs and through doors can be challenging but indeed, after you are done loading and securing, the only other step is to drop off your discarded appliance at a local waste facility. Occasionally, you may face pricey dump fees, Freon charges, and recycling fees. However, there are several locations throughout Calgary, and you should be aware that small appliances can also go to local charities for recycling. 

Your Source for Calgary Appliance Removal

Ultimately, you will have to decide the best method of appliance removal in Calgary for yourself. However, if you are planning an autumn cleaning session, perhaps the extra room in our vehicles would prove beneficial for all your junk and garbage removal needs. Give us a call for answers to any of your questions and concerns.

The Junk Movement is committed to making junk removal in Calgary easy. Our mission is to optimize junk removal by putting some of the money we collected from recycling back into the community. Whether it’s for furniture or garbage removal in Calgary, our company is eco-conscious, sustainable, transparent and believes in good value. Our team is friendly and will be happy to assist you with all your junk and waste removal in Calgary and surrounding areas. From residents to commercial clients, for a company that cares about your waste, trust The Junk Movement.

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