5 Signs it is time to replace your mattress

replace your mattress

When did you last replace your mattress? If you can’t remember, now is likely the right time to do so. Mattresses are one of those things that we often take for granted. If we are sleeping comfortably, it is easy to forget about the foundation (pun intended 😊) that contributes to all that good sleep.  

So, when is the right time to replace your mattress? If you are having trouble sleeping lately, your mattress may not be the first thing you think about changing. While poor sleep can be the result of health issues, stress, or poor diet among other factors, your mattress plays an integral role in your sleep.  

The mattress industry generally recommends you replace your mattress every 10 years. While this is a good starting point to gauge whether you may be due for a swap, it is important to evaluate the current condition of your mattress if something isn’t feeling right. Keep reading as we delve deep into the question of when to replace your mattress, how to care for your mattress, and how best to get rid of your old one.  

Signs it might be time to replace your mattress 

Your mattress is sagging or lumpy

Can you see the imprint of your body in your mattress? If your body starts to slide back into the same imprint repeatedly this is a sure sign that it is time for a replacement. Asymmetry and unevenness such as lumps and bumps or one side being at a different level than the other can make sleeping uncomfortable and are sure signs that a mattress is at the end of its life. 

Replace your mattress if it is fraying or shows other signs of wear and tear 

While these signs don’t directly alter your sleep, any signs of wear and tear are a sign that your mattress is aging. If the labels or edges are looking in disrepair, it could signify that the other parts of your mattress are nearing the end of their lifespan as well.  

Your mattress feels harder or softer than when you bought it 

Your mattress will change over time, and it may be hard to notice as this happens gradually. Its normal for a mattress to get softer once the break in period has passed, but over years it can keep breaking down to the point where it is much softer than intended. Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft can cause misalignment in your back as you sleep because your body will sink into the bed.  

Your mattress is noisy 

Your mattress should not make noise when there is weight on it, even when you shift or roll around. Old springs can get squeaky after years and lose their integrity. 

You wake up with pain or soreness 

If you regularly wake up with back, neck, or joint pain in the morning that gradually subsides by nighttime, your mattress may be causing you aches and pains. This is a good warning sign to investigate replacing your mattress or pillows for better alignment. 

General Mattress Care 

Proper mattress care and maintenance will extend the life of your mattress. Try the following suggestions to preserve your mattress condition prolonging the time needed before you are forced to replace your mattress again. 

Rotate/flip your mattress 

Rotating or flipping your mattress changes where weight is distributed which can even out lumps and bumps, sagging, and hammocking. Always check with the mattress manufacturer to make sure your mattress is suited to flipping or rotating. Mattresses that are built with targeted areas to accommodate the body or that are one-sided may not be suitable for rotating/flipping. 

Use a mattress protector 

Using a protector can help prevent stains from seeping into your mattress and reduce how often you must wash the mattress itself. Adding this one layer of protection can save many headaches in the future and is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of replacing your mattress or having it professionally cleaned. 

Wash and swap your sheets 

Changing your sheets regularly allows your mattress to breathe and prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes that are attracted to the sweat and dead skin cells that accumulate over time. Changing your sheets or washing them every week is a hygienic practice that keeps your mattress fresh, preserving its longevity. 

How to get rid of your old mattress 

When you first got it, you loved it. Now, you just need to get rid of it. The Junk Movement’s Calgary Furniture Removal crew is all about simplifying your life – including ridding yourself of your old mattress. Did you know we donate over 10 metric tonnes of repurposed goods to Women in Need Society each year? While an old mattress isn’t always a natural item to be donated, maybe it was in a guest room and seldom used. Contact us and we will ensure it goes where it and any other unwanted furniture in your home needs to go.  


Now that you know more about mattresses, do you need to replace your mattress? The Junk Movement can make getting rid of your old mattress easy and simple. Just book with us today! 

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