Construction Debris & Yard Waste

Construction Waste Removal

Home renovations, commercial remodelling, new home builds, and landscaping tend to create a lot of waste, but here at The Junk Movement, we’re equipped to take care of all construction waste removal. We accept concrete, asphalt, scrap wood, scrap metals, and yard waste, most of which we are able to recycle. Not all of your construction debris needs to end up in the landfill, unwanted scraps and materials can be repurposed, effectively reducing the number of new materials used in other projects. We extend our construction waste removal services to homeowners, renovation companies, roofers, landscaping companies, and more!

What We Take

Sorry, We Do Not Take Hazardous Materials


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Professional Concrete Removal

Whether you’re pouring a new foundation or adding to your landscaping, the chances are, you’ll need concrete removal. We handle all construction debris removal safely and professionally, utilizing the proper equipment to get the job done. We also follow our same commitment to community-focussed junk removal in Calgary. Because we believe in giving back to communities, we pledge to donate $1000 to neighbourhoods after every 250 loads in that area, including residential and commercial jobs. Join The Junk Movement in creating better communities today!

We take all construction waste, including asphalt, concrete, scrap woods, metals, wiring, drywall, gypsum board, glass, rocks, and yard waste. The only things we do not accept at this time are hazardous materials.

The City of Calgary does accept small amounts of concrete waste to be placed in the city-issued black bins. However, disposing of concrete in this way is harmful to the environment. We pay our recycling partners to have concrete recycled for future use.

Similar to other types of waste, we begin by sorting the load by materials. Asphalt is sent to an asphalt recycler, while concrete is crushed for use in gravel, excess lumber become wood chips, and scrap metals are sold for use in other construction projects.
A full load of one of our trucks costs $500. If your construction waste exceeds the size of our truck, we can arrange for a second pick-up, priced accordingly.

Our Commitment

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Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for junk removal in Calgary. Our rates depend on how much of the trailer you fill, and we offer significant promotions for customer referrals and multiple pickups in the same area.
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Full Service

With the exception of hazardous waste, we will pick up and haul away anything from your home, business, or office space. From small appliances to large pieces of furniture, we take it all.
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Transparent Approach

In our efforts to be sustainable and community-focused, we are transparent about our recycling and repurposing efforts. We are also fully licensed and insured in Alberta.
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Professional Staff

We pride ourselves on being a company you can trust, with uniformed staff and prompt service. We invest in employee development to invigorate and inspire our friendly team.
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Junk Handling

Junk Handling

At The Junk Movement, your safety and the safety of our team are a top priority. We use proper equipment to promote responsible and safe junk handling and protect your home and belongings.
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In our efforts to help the environment and minimize the amount of junk that ends up in landfills, we sort our loads into the proper categories for recycling, repurposing, and donating.
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Culture of
Giving Back

Culture of Giving Back
to Communities

Calgary communities deserve our support, and we are passionate about making a difference in neighbourhoods across the city by making donations to local community associations.

Sustainable Concrete Removal &
Construction Waste Recycling

For several renovators and landscaping companies, transporting waste to landfills and dump areas is an easy solution. However, the environmental effects can be devastating, especially considering the majority of construction waste is recyclable. Lumber can be re-milled or ground down into wood chips, most scrap metals are recyclable, and gypsum and drywall are often reusable. Asphalt is also 100% recyclable using equipment that crushes, tumbles, and heats the leftover pavement, converting it into a usable product. Sustainable concrete removal and waste removal in Calgary begins with The Junk Movement.

Book an
Book an appointment for an in-person estimate — we can complete the job during that appointment if you are satisifed with the quote. We will provide you with efficient and professional services.
Our junk removal specialists will efficiently and professionally load your junk into the truck, using appropriate safety and load assist equipment. We also take the time to sweep and tidy the area, leaving it better than we found it!
& Recycle
As we offload the junk from our trucks, we sort it into categories for resaleable goods, donations, recyclable materials, and valuable commodities for repurposing. We do our part to minimize the amount of junk in landfills.
Giving back to communities is what we are all about. We donate a portion of proceeds as well as furniture, appliances, and other goods to community associations and centres in Calgary. We love to invest in strong communities.