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Our Electronics Disposal Calgary crew specializes in responsible removal, donating, refurbishing, and recycling of electronics materials whenever possible.

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Electronics Disposal Calgary

Electronics are everywhere, and the newest technology is always right around the corner. Unfortunately, with your desire to keep up with the latest gadgets, the chances are you have collected a plethora of outdated devices over the years. 

Similar to appliance removal in Calgary, some electronics can be taken to a regular landfill. However, most e-waste needs to be appropriately disposed of. Our Electronics Disposal Calgary crew minimizes the risk to the environment and reduces the amount that ends up in landfills through careful sorting and routing of your electronics waste.

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The Electronics Disposal Calgary Approach

We are professional waste removal experts in Calgary.

When it comes to electronics, we guarantee safe and responsible disposal techniques. However, our primary focus is always on people! Our mission is to support and strengthen communities across the city by offering discounts for multiple same-day, same-area pickups. Plus, after 250 jobs in one neighbourhood, we will donate $1000 to that local community association.

In addition to offering fast and responsible junk removal in Calgary, we’re doing our part to make the city a better place. Join The Junk Movement today!

At The Junk Movement, the only items we do not accept are hazardous waste and materials. While some electronics contain toxic metals, we do accept all types of e-waste.
We will take any e-waste, including devices that are broken or damaged. While broken electronics cannot be donated, they can be disassembled and the various components sold, repurposed, or recycled for future use.
Experienced processors safely sort and disassemble all items and then separate the different materials according to provincial requirements. Commodities like metals, plastics and glass are collected and sold to be made into new products. TVs and computers contain large amounts of steel, aluminum, and copper within the cables, wires, panels, and circuits. These metals are useful as feedstock for new products. Glass screens are melted down, and the lead separated to reuse in future manufacturing. Plastics from cases, keyboards and computer mice are processed to produce plastic flakes or pellets.
When disposing of a computer or other device containing sensitive information, it’s best to wipe the hard drive prior to getting rid of it.

Our Electronics Removal Calgary crew serves all communities from Calgary to Banff, from Airdrie to Longview and every community in between. regions our crew focus on include:

Calgary, Airdrie, Springbank, Bearspaw, Cochrane, Sundre, Canmore, Bragg Creek, Kananaskis, High River, Okotoks, Priddis, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview.

Don’t see your town listed? Contact us at 587-830-JUNK to see how we can help.

Recycling & Repurposing Electronics in Calgary

When you call us for electronics disposal in Calgary, we’ll sort the load and determine if any pieces are still usable and then donate them to local charities. When it comes to broken items, we follow industry standards in disassembling and recycling all electronic components. Valuable metals are extracted and sold while other parts are taken to recycling facilities or repurposed for use in other devices. The City of Calgary has a comprehensive A to Z list of what can be disposed of.

When electronic devices end up in landfills, the plastics and toxic metals seep into the ground, polluting the soil, water, and air. Your best bet for TV disposal in Calgary is The Junk Movement. We are doing our part to keep Calgary and Alberta as green as possible. 

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