How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

Do you have hazardous waste material to get rid of but aren’t sure how to dispose of it? While we do not accept this kind of waste as part of our removal services, we want to ensure that you have the information needed to properly get rid of it.

Disposing of hazardous materials properly is very important, as they can pose a threat to your family, friends, pets, and the environment. Locally, there are facilities where you can properly dispose of these materials. Keep reading below to learn more about safe disposal.

What counts as hazardous waste?

Some hazardous materials include household cleaning supplies, paints, batteries and more. When applicable, check the label on the packaging for more information. Hazardous material can have various characteristics that make it unsafe. Look for key words such as:

– corrosive

– flammable

– reactive

– toxic

Where to dispose of hazardous waste

The places where you can safely dispose of hazardous materials include city landfills, Throw N Go areas as well as certain fire stations that have special storage. At the city’s Throw N Go, they accept household chemicals, propane tanks, motor oil, and aerosol cans. Before dropping off these materials they must be sealed, labelled, and stored properly. There is no extra charge to dispose of these hazardous materials at these locations. Check out this City of Calgary Resource to find your nearest facility today to dispose of your hazardous waste materials.

Why it’s Important to properly dispose of hazardous waste

Hazardous waste materials can be a serious threat to those around it including workers, families, friends, and pets. The environment is also impacted as air, water and wildlife are all affected by it. Dangerous chemicals need to be handled and disposed of properly so that we can keep everyone safe.


Disposing of hazardous waste material safely is essential. After reading this blog, we hope you have a better understanding of where you can safely dispose of these materials and why it is so important.

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