How to Support Your Community Through Junk Removal

Welcome to The Junk Movement, where we believe in more than just removing junk. As a family-owned business in Calgary, we have set out to revolutionize the junk removal industry by prioritizing community engagement, promoting sustainability, and making a positive impact on the environment. In this blog, we will explore our commitment to donating, repurposing, […]

The Life Cycle of Old Electronics

The Life Cycle of Old Electronics

How They are Recycled and What Happens to the Components As technology advances, people tend to upgrade their electronic devices frequently. Consequently, older devices like phones, laptops, and TVs become obsolete and are discarded. However, what happens to these electronic devices after disposal? Electronic waste (e-waste) is a global problem that poses a significant environmental […]

How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

Do you have hazardous waste material to get rid of but aren’t sure how to dispose of it? While we do not accept this kind of waste as part of our removal services, we want to ensure that you have the information needed to properly get rid of it. Disposing of hazardous materials properly is […]