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When To Know It’s Time To Downsize

When To Know It's Time To Downsize: We take a look at why downsizing may be your most beneficial option.
When to know it’s time to downsize

When To Know It’s Time To Downsize

Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better.

That’s not to say that the family home wasn’t wonderful. It may have been your dream fixer-upper, or you may have raised your kids in it. It served its purpose and did it wonderfully.

But as you find yourself needing less space, downsizing shouldn’t be a scary option at all. We take a look at why downsizing may be your most beneficial option, and when to know it’s time to downsize. 

Reasons To Downsize Your Home

Too Much Space

Perhaps the kids’ bedrooms have turned into four guest bedrooms. Maybe accessing the second floor isn’t as easy or necessary as before. Or possibly your yard is now just too much upkeep.

A good home serves you. If you find that you’re putting too much work into a space that you’re hardly utilizing, then it’s no longer benefiting you.

Too Much Maintenance

A larger home means a larger to-do list when it comes to maintenance. If you’re considering downsizing your home, there’s a good chance that you’re in your retirement years. It’s doubtful that you want to spend that time fixing roofs or mowing lawns designed to accommodate a swing set and kids. By downsizing, the number of tasks will decrease or take less time to accomplish.

Too Much Money

As with most things in life, an increase in size comes with an increase in price. If your current home is no longer what you need in a house, why would you pay for it?

Downsizing would save you money on your monthly bills, allowing you to spend that extra money on something that you do need.

Additionally, you may just make some extra money selling the furniture you no longer need. Alternatively, you could opt for furniture removal in Calgary and donate your old furniture.

Too Far Away

Your kids, and maybe even grandchildren, may not be in your home anymore, but that doesn’t mean you have to be far away from them. Another, more emotional, reason to downsize is to be closer to loved ones. A home is made up of the people inside it, so why not make it easier for your family and friends to visit?

Downsizing can feel like the end of a cherished chapter in your life, but that certainly doesn’t mean an exciting new one isn’t about to begin. For those worried about their excess belongings that they no longer need, contacting a furniture removal company in Calgary is always a solid start.

Our Top 5 Downsizing Tips:

Start Small and Keep it Simple

You probably have things you want to get rid of in your kitchen or garage, but avoid diving into such a big project at first – there’s no need for overwhelm! Start with an area where the items aren’t as emotionally connected; consider choosing one like closets that can be easily cleaned out. Starting small and keeping it simple is the best way to start your downsizing!

Start Sooner Rather Than Later

The best way to get a good head start on decluttering is by starting early (2-4 weeks before your move) and taking your time.  

Setting aside 30 minutes every evening is the best way to start your downsizing! You can do this!

Eliminate Items that Won't Fit In Your New Home

The best way to enjoy your new home is by eliminating all the things that don’t quite fit in it. You may find yourself living without a garage, which means you’ll have sell or donate any items stored there.
You should also consider getting rid of sofas from an office – nice pieces can fetch top dollar at consignment stores while old mattresses would be great candidates as secondhand material!

The Junk Movement can help take large pieces of furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing etc. and donate them to local Calgary charities. 

Invite Family Members and Use Downsizing as a Chance to Bond With Them

Invite your children and your grandchildren over for an evening or a weekend. Tell them stories about where you bought your favorite trinkets. Tell them about your family’s heirlooms. You could use this opportunity to pass down those heirlooms.  Let them help pack, ask questions, and spend time with you.

They can help post items for sale online, move some of the heavier boxes, and take sentimental items home with them. 

Use A Professional Organizer

When you’re going through years of belongings, some things are going to tug at your heartstrings. If it’s been sitting in a closet or on the shelf for more than one year then consider letting them go because there is no point keeping something if we don’t use it regularly.

Consider using a professional organizer who specializes in downsizing and understands the emotional toll the process takes on you.  The support you will receive during this transition will help make this experience much more positive. 

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